How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Helping Cybersecurity Pros

Hackers and cybercriminals have already embraced the power of artificial intelligence (AI), employing scripted and automated tools to rapidly increase the scale and speed of attacks. So how are organizations using a buffet of legacy and current tools supposed to remain secure? To beat ‘em, you gotta join ‘em. Industry experts expect AI, combined with machine learning, to be the future of cybersecurity.

The Future Starts Now

The number of cyber threats continues to grow, with factors like the increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT), which lets everything from kitchen appliances to security systems connect and transfer data over the Internet, adding to the list of risks and potential vulnerabilities to protect. In response, smart companies are delving into AI-based security solutions, using the same techniques as cybercriminals to gain the advantages of AI. As CSO reports, as of 2017, “12% of enterprise organizations have deployed AI-based security analytics extensively,” and more than a quarter are using AI-based solutions on a limited basis. Although AI seems the preserve of large corporations, it’s promise is within the reach of any size company, especially those who are feeling the shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals.

How AI Can Help

So how can AI assist IT in securing your organization? Companies are implementing AI in creative ways to keep their networks and data safe:

  • AI helps IT gather threat analysis data, highlight vulnerabilities, and mitigate potential attacks at rapid speed

  • AI-assisted network access control that enables device visibility through accurate inventory and monitoring of company devices

  • Automated response to a breach through AI means corrupted systems can be taken offline in near-real-time, greatly reducing the damage done and cost of a breach

These examples are just a few of the ways AI is currently helping organizations of all sizes protect themselves.

AI Today

Despite the growing threatscape and scary security breach statistics, some companies aren’t willing or are intimidated by the idea of adopting AI technologies. To ease the implementation, organizations can consider a trusted third-party network security monitoring solution. This technology continuously monitors for and helps immediately stop attacks. As scary as it sounds to implement AI-based solutions, it’s much more frightening to think of facing the cybercriminal world without them.