What You Need to Know to Avoid an ePHI Breach

A quick search on “electronic protected health information (ePHI) breach” and it’s clear why ePHI protection remains one of the top concerns for many organizations—within and beyond the healthcare industry. Many companies naively and dangerously embrace an "it’s-not-going-to-happen-to-us" approach with regards to ePHI security. Even those motivated to take action in protecting their data have been caught off guard by attacks. Consider these search results:

  • UMass to Pay $650K in HIPAA Settlement
  • Texas Hospital Penalized $3.2M for HIPAA Violations
  • Advocate Health Care Hit With Largest HIPAA Settlement

ePHI Attacks Are Increasing: Don’t Become a Headline

To remain compliant and protect sensitive healthcare data, it is vital for companies to have a vested interest in continuous network monitoring. Password protection, encryption, and training go a long way toward a well-rounded security posture, but ePHI requires ongoing intrusion detection so that attacks are caught quickly before attackers make headway into your system. The objective is to stop attackers from accessing sensitive data rather than responding to an incident or breach after it has occurred.

Would You Operate Without a Smoke Detector?

Companies are typically well versed in the need to protect physical assets, but how much do we invest in protecting our sensitive data? ePHI protection requires the same ongoing monitoring that your physical security measures provide. Security Pursuit can help you avoid ePHI breaches and other cyber attacks through SP WatchTower, a passive network device that continuously monitors to detect and prevent attacks.

Protect Your Sensitive Data

ePHI breaches continue to cost companies millions of dollars and irreparable brand damage. Training and awareness combined with a security services partner experienced in sensitive data protection can keep you from becoming a headline.