3 Ways to Improve Your Data Breach Response Plan

If the headlines are any indication, data breaches seem to be happening at a nearly continuous rate among companies large and small, costing millions of dollars—and those are just the reported incidents. Recognizing that data breaches are a real possibility, smart companies are investing in the development of data breach response plans. Assume the “when" not "if” mentality and get to work detailing the actions required to mitigate data breaches.

Gain Upper-Level Buy-In

Lack of involvement of upper-level management is a huge issue in data breach response plan development. According to the Ponemon Institute’s fourth annual data breach readiness report, “57 percent of respondents said their company's board of directors, chairman and CEO were not informed and involved in plans to deal with a possible data breach and 34 percent of respondents said the board does not understand the specific security threats facing their organization.” This disconnect has a trickle-down effect on budget allocations as well as general awareness of and attention paid to incident response.

Practice Makes the Most Effective Response

As with fire drills, ensuring your team knows which steps to take and when during an incident response is crucial. Regular testing will not only get your team ready to react calmly and effectively but also reveal any shortcomings or gaps in the plan. Only through real-world testing can you determine areas your team needs to improve and identify holes in your plan.

Ensure You Revisit Your Plan Regularly

Threats are constantly emerging, creating an ever-evolving threat landscape. As such, your company’s data breach response plan should be a living document that changes to meet the threats and attacks of the moment. Although it’s unrealistic to update your plan with every headline, a good practice is to regularly review and update your plan.

Is Your Data Breach Response Plan Good Enough?

With the growing wave of social engineering attacks and cybercrime in general, an effective and tested incident response plan is critical. Security Pursuit can help you assess your current vulnerabilities and risks, develop a clear plan to address a potential data breach, and go a step further, offering SP WatchTower to provide around-the-clock, year-round network security monitoring.