Navigating the Data Security Breach Landscape in 2017 and Beyond

According to the Ponemon Institute’s fourth annual study on data breach corporate preparedness, Is Your Company Ready for a Big Data Breach?, 52 percent of companies experienced data breaches in 2016. This is an increase of 33 percent since 2013. A data security breach is an incident in which an unauthorized individual steals, uses, or views protected, sensitive, or confidential data, and data breaches affect organizations small and large across all industries. Learn about the biggest 2017 cybersecurity trends and how to mitigate breaches below.

What Types of Data Security Breaches Are Likely in 2017?

2017 will see an increase in data breaches across the board. Cyberattacks will continue to evolve, with threats such as ransomware and phishing on the rise. Social engineering attacks in general are posing a considerable threat, making training and awareness increasingly crucial to companies’ security postures.

Why An Increase in Data Security Breaches?

In an ongoing cycle of risks and countermeasures, the cybersecurity arena is ever-changing. As more and more business and lifestyle transactions occur digitally, data security breaches will follow suit and incidents will increase. The reasons for increased data breach incidents are varied, including unhappy employees and corporate espionage, but the main driver behind cyber-crime is usually financial gain.

What Industries Are The Most Affected?

The type of data your company works with and protects will affect your data breach vulnerability and the cost of a data security breach. Losing email addresses, although bad, is considerably less damaging than compromising personally identifiable information, payment card information, private health information, and sensitive customer data (e.g., Social Security numbers). Industries that work with sensitive data will continue to be most at risk of impending cybersecurity threats.

What Can You Do to Prevent Data Breaches?

In response to the increasing threat posed by cyber-criminals, Security Pursuit has developed a full-time security monitoring service, called SP WatchTower. Through a passive security appliance installed on your network, Security Pursuit continuously monitors for suspicious network behavior and anomalous activity. We report any malicious activity immediately to client stakeholders to help identify and resolve issues before they become incidents. With this tool, Security Pursuit can help you navigate the rocky data security breach landscape in 2017 and beyond.