3 Vulnerability Management Best Practices

In today’s business environment, organizations simply cannot sit around and wait for cyberattacks to occur. Fear of an attack along with the legal, brand reputation, and fiscal consequences should be motivation enough to for any business to implement vulnerability management best practices. Proactive vulnerability management (VM) has become a necessity and a well-managed VM system can help track, remediate, and prevent risks and vulnerabilities.

VM is both a disciplined security approach and a technical solution. The VM approach is a proactive system and set of best practices that help your organization stay on top of vulnerabilities. Crucial to any effective VM approach is tracking—hunting down and uncovering assets and associated vulnerabilities. With this idea in mind, your organization should apply these basic but critical VM tracking best practices:

  1. A process to take inventory of and discover network assets; this process should be thorough so that all assets are accounted for.
  2. A process to uncover those assets’ vulnerabilities; this should be an ongoing effort, as threats and risks are constantly developing and evolving.
  3. A procedure to report on the status and remediation of those vulnerabilities.

In addition to an effective VM approach and mentality, organizations will benefit from a VM technical solution. This system is a purchased solution that helps implement these best practices.

Vulnerability Management System Selection Criteria

The right VM solution for your organization will help your team inventory network devices, document their vulnerabilities, and identify fixes. In addition, today’s solutions can help your organization stay protected until fixes are located and implemented. Available as both software and cloud-based solutions, VM systems continuously scour your organization for undiscovered assets and potential vulnerabilities.

As cyber-criminals persist with new and more sophisticated attacks, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage threats and vulnerabilities. An effective VM system is not only an approach and set of best practices but also a concrete tool that helps your organization gain and maintain security.