computer forensics

Whenever you feel there may be a problem that could land your business in a court room, you should consider engaging Security Pursuit’s computer forensics professionals. Electronic data is ubiquitous. It is created by each of us every day, and it captures our best and worst moments. A phone can tell us where people have been, and when.  It can tell us where they haven’t been. It can tell us who they have been talking to, emailing with, or texting. Laptop's can tell us what the user is interested in, how they spend their time, and what they do.

Digital Forensics and e-discovery Services

With the right knowledge of how to obtain it, all digital information is accessible. Perhaps, your business is facing an employment dispute, a personal injury case, or other legal situation. Our digital forensics services can provide your organization with a source of significant evidence. Courts recognize the importance of accurate e-discovery. If you don’t protect your data, you could be subject to sanctions.

Our team of certified e-discovery experts can collect and preserve data in a court admissible forensic image. With Security Pursuits e-discovery services, you can find lost or deleted data, whether it’s lawsuit related or otherwise. If you believe the opposing side of a dispute might be hiding information, a forensic analyst is the person who can help you uncover it. If you want to make sure there is no reasonable basis for the other side to question your discovery, a forensic collection is the way to prove to the Court that the information you provided during discovery was complete.