cybersecurity training

Raising awareness with cybersecurity training for employees is your first line of defense in protecting against social engineering attacks. Even with the best technical security controls in place, hackers continue to gain unauthorized access into networks and websites through social engineering tactics such as sending phishing emails and placing pretext telephone calls. Social engineering prevention begins with training staff to identify the telltale signs of a social engineering attack. Cybersecurity training should be a core component of your overall information security strategy. We help create security awareness programs that increase employee's vigilance towards identifying social engineering threats with a focus on understanding considerations unique to your organization's industry sector and culture.



Let Security Pursuit's executives share our experiences from the front lines to educate your employees about the threats your organization may encounter. Our onsite security awareness training presentations cover the full spectrum of social engineering tactics, and are tailored to include considerations unique to your organization's industry sector and culture.


Security Pursuit offers a cloud-based, e-learning solution for training your staff on the threats of social engineering. Employees can access the online security awareness training portal to complete course modules at their own pace. This solution also maintains records of each employees course completion date to meet HIPAA, FFIEC and other compliance training requirements