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Cybersecurity tuned for the Energy Sector

The Energy Sector is at the tip of the spear for cybersecurity. Big compromises, geopolitics, and aging OT systems have gotten the attention of the media and congress.  Yet, the reality is that energy is a commodity that forces tight margins and cost control.  Despite all the concerns laid out by the media, you still have to run a business. 

You are in an extremely challenging industry for cybersecurity!

Security Pursuit has served Oil & Gas and the larger Energy Sector for over a decade.  We work mostly with small to mid-sized exploration, producers and distributors. We provide a variety of assessment and test services that help you get better in a balanced timeframe and budget.  Reach out to us now to discuss your needs.  If you aren't ready to talk, explore the resources below.  We hope they are helpful to you!

Why choose Security Pursuit?
  • We've been working in the Energy Sector for 10 years.  

  • We help our clients balance security with reasonable testing and budgets. 

  • We understand OT and IT risks.

  • Our consultants are passionate security professionals who know your industry.

Outcomes to Expect 
  • Balanced security that supports your business.  Not too much...just enough.

  • Confidence that your company is secure.

  • Unique services designed just for O&G and Energy companies.

  • A real partner in cybersecurity. Call us anytime for any reason.  

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 Services for Energy Companies 


Network, architecture and application penetration testing is unique given your IT and OT environments.  Our certified employees are seasoned in old technologies and new, allowing us to be efficient and thorough. We are the best choice for energy companies.


Broader assessments help identify gaps and prioritize remediation.  We know NIST, ISO, SOC, SEC and other key requirements for manufacturers.  We provide a maturity process that your team can build on over time and under a balanced budget.


Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.  Then, if the worst happens, you will know what to do.  Plus, you will have a friend that can respond and support you quickly.  That's Security Pursuit. 


Unload routine security work like MDR and SOC operations. Our managed programs take key security operations and handle them for you completely.  We keep you in control, and we never lock you into a contract. 

Recent Posts for Energy Companies

The Best of the Internet

We continually scour the internet to connect cybersecurity with energy companies.  Below are some of the best links.

It's highly likely your BOD and stakeholders have this and will ask you questions at some point.

Many small energy companies are missing policies. We think SANS is a great place to start. They aren't specific, but they are very helpful

This is a link to the DOE's strategy document.  It's ok and should be read through.

OK...this one is our white paper.  But, our energy clients really understand these concepts. It's like safety...but for cyber!

Do you want to talk about your cybersecurity needs?

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