Security Audit

Security Pursuit’s IT audit services provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. These engagements are specifically designed to identify compliance deficiencies (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.) or to ascertain your existing security posture measured against a best practice framework (CIS Critical Security Controls, NIST, or ISO27001). Our IT audit services deliver a digestible and detailed view of the organization's cybersecurity strengths and deficiencies, insight into risk associated with your digital assets, and an action oriented remediation plan to address critical issues observed.


Security Pursuit will assess your organization’s information security posture in all key areas. Policies and procedures, training, personnel security, access control, configuration and patch management, vulnerability management, network security, data protection, malware defenses, vendor management and more will be thoroughly examined. These findings are then compared with a cybersecurity control framework that best aligns to your organization’s needs and requirements. The gap analysis will identify and highlight areas in need of improvement.


At the conclusion of your vulnerability assessment, Security Pursuit assigns an overall risk profile associated with the enterprise security posture factored against a spectrum of threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical systems and data. Cyber risk is detailed, categorized, and weighted so that executive stakeholders can make informed business decisions for the mitigation of the risks identified.


Our remediation road-map is an organized matrix of Security Pursuit's recommended actions. It is a planning document that prioritizes activities based on risk severity, associated cost of the solution, and ease of implementation. As remediation efforts are budgeted and planned for, Security Pursuit can also assist in the execution of your remediation road-map with consulting engagements, staff augmentation, and solution advisory.