Security Audit

24/7/365 Network Security Monitoring 

Surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, burglar alarms … we understand why these devices are essential to our personal safety and security. But what about our information? Our sensitive data? Modern day computers and software applications were built with speed and feature functionality first - security second. As a result, our technology is vulnerable and our data is at risk.

Who is Watching Your Network?

What is protecting your data from increasingly sophisticated threats posed by VERY motivated cyber-criminals? Some answers might be:

  • Our “I.T. Guys” FACT: Most IT staff and outsourced support providers are focused on keeping your business functioning efficiently, not on protecting against sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Our firewalls FACT: If you have them, standard network firewalls aren’t going to stop email phishing attacks, drive-by downloads, or internal threats.
  • Our antivirus programs FACT: Today’s Antivirus programs are generally about 30% effective. They simply cannot keep up with rapidly evolving, advanced cyber threats.

The ongoing cyber-crime wave is growing, and becoming more sophisticated by the day. The need for around the clock, year round network security monitoring has become an absolute necessity to safeguard our critical data.

Enter SP WatchTower

For most environments, a single, passive network appliance is installed on the internal network which allows Security Pursuit to continuously monitor for and help stop malicious attacks in their tracks. At an affordable price, our service provides best-of-breed solutions to achieve accurate, real-time notification and support. The SP WatchTower base service provides:

network security monitoring
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Detection of Malware/Spyware/Ransomware that your Antivirus software may not identify
  • Botnet infection detection
  • URL inspection
  • Data exfiltration detection
  • Internal host-to-host attacks
  • Real-time alerts on meaningful security events
  • Monthly statistics reporting
  • Incident Response Support Time SLA

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