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Managed security Services

Managed Services should be tailored to your environment and needs.  Security Pursuit knows you and your company are unique. You already have tools, your staff has unique skills, and your company has a unique risk profile.  We consider all of this when we put together any managed service.  Don’t settle for generic MDR services…the one-size fits all approach.  Let Security Pursuit partner with you to create the exact right solution you need.
managed detection response
Managed Detection & response (MDR)
Security Pursuit’s Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is uniquely tailored to your needs.  We begin with pulling alerts from your current tools, then layering in end-point detection and response from leading vendors to create a unique MDR program tailored to your company.
cyber alliance program
Cyber Alliance Program (CAP)
The Cyber Alliance Program (CAP) is an ongoing partnership with a team of expert information security consultants. This low-cost subscription-based membership enables your organization to leverage professional cybersecurity resources affordably for critical services, to include quarterly external vulnerability scans, regular strategy planning, incident response planning and testing, and more.
In addition, Security Pursuit performs automated, daily searches of indexed darknet databases (spanning .onion / TOR sites, IRC Channels, The Invisible Internet Project “I2P”, hacker forums, paste sites and FTP servers) for indicators of compromise associated with your organization. When our analysts receive alert notifications, findings are reviewed in context to determine the relative risk of the data disclosure and provide prompt notifications if warranted.

security audits & Assessments

Security Pursuit’s Audit and Assessment Services provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. These engagements are specifically designed to identify deficiencies against compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, etc., or against best practice frameworks such as CIS Critical Security Controls, NIST, or ISO27001.
In addition, we have specialty assessments to validate your controls against the most pressing concerns in cyber security, such as ransomware and remote workforce.
Our IT audit services deliver a digestible and detailed view of the organization's cybersecurity strengths and deficiencies, insight into risk associated with your digital assets, and an action-oriented remediation plan to address critical issues observed.
audits and gap analysis
Best practice audits & gap analysis
Security Pursuit will assess your organization’s information security posture in all key areas. Policies and procedures, training, personnel security, access control, configuration and patch management, vulnerability management, network security, data protection, malware defenses, vendor management and more will be thoroughly examined. These findings are then compared with a cybersecurity control framework that best aligns to your organization’s needs and requirements. The gap analysis will identify and highlight areas in need of improvement.
Ransomware protection assessment
Security Pursuit’s Ransomware Protection Assessment is an affordable and quick review of the 8-Pillars of an effective ransomware program. We provide you a thorough analysis of your risk for ransomware, along with a gap analysis and plan that you can take to your stakeholders. This answers the question, “what are you doing to protect us against ransomware?”
remote workforce asessment
remote workforce risk assessment
Security Pursuit will review the organization’s policies, procedures, designs and network architecture specific to supporting a large remote workforce. The team will examine existing access controls, authentication mechanisms, account provisioning and management, audit logging and monitoring, and endpoint security controls. With a specific focus on the client’s approach towards operations with a robust remote workforce, controls will be assessed against enterprise security best practices. Additionally, technical testing is conducted to to ascertain the current security posture of the remote access network components. A gap analysis and prioritized remediation recommendations provide actionable steps to help improve your organization’s security posture.


Security Pursuit's penetration testing services identify exploitable vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access to your systems and data. Our certified, expert penetration testing consultants expose serious weaknesses in almost every engagement performed. Using real world hacking techniques, our consultants safely identify critical vulnerabilities and quantify risk by demonstrating the level of access a dedicated adversary could obtain. For every penetration testing engagement, we provide detailed evidence of our findings showing how attack vectors were successfully executed, as well as step-by-step procedures to improve your enterprise security posture.
Penetration testing is required of organizations to meet compliance and regulatory mandates across a variety of sectors. Security Pursuit’s experience working with auditors across these sectors allows seamless integration to deliver penetration tests and vulnerability assessments in support of PCI DSS, GLBA, NCUA, and HIPAA compliance assessments.
Identify exploitable vulnerabilities that allow unauthorized access into your organization’s network.
Website and Web Applications
website & web applications
With a focus on the OWASP Top 10, web application penetration testing uses non-disruptive techniques to identify weaknesses in your application code and database layers which could be exploited during an attack.
Mobile Applications
mobile applications
Based on OWASP mobile security testing standards, our mobile app penetration testing identifies weaknesses in your app code, databases, and remote services which could be exploited during an attack.
Social Engineering
social engineering
Challenge employee susceptibility to various attacks such as email phishing, fraudulent phone calls, and unauthorized facility access. Assesses your technical security controls' ability to detect and prevent social engineering attacks.
Red Team
red team
Our red team exercises combine all of the above services into a comprehensive attack against your company. This is a true test of the maturity of your information security program and your ability to detect and respond to attacks.

incident response

When your network or website is compromised, prompt action is necessary to effectively contain and recover from the incident. Security Pursuit's incident response consultants are experienced in countering the unpredictable and urgent nature of these events. We have helped businesses facing 7-figure losses to recover and resume their normal business operations. Our incident response service comes with all of the tools that your organization needs to successfully mitigate breach damages. When IT controls fail and a data breach has occurred, you can rely on Security Pursuit to assist with minimizing losses.
24/7 data breach response
Time is of the essence when a security breach has been detected. Legal and compliance regulations may mandate notification to customers or other specialized response activities. Security Pursuit's analysts are experienced in prioritizing response activities to minimize impact on your organization and recover promptly from the incident.
managed security services
Incident Management
Typically, internal company IT staff are not prepared to manage serious breach situations in an effective manner. There may be considerable internal finger pointing and politics that cause a loss in efficiency during this critical time. Call in Security Pursuit to act as your third party mediator and breach task force to take control of the situation and manage response activities in an effective, expedited manner.
Facilitated Recovery
A cybersecurity incident of any magnitude will leave your IT team a massive list of rebuild and remediation tasks. Restoring systems to a trusted state and the business to a “normal” operations posture may require additional and/or specialized resources. Security Pursuit partners with several top tier IT management firms that provide temporary support during the incident recovery phase.
data breach notification
If it becomes proven that private data has been lost in relation to a breach incident, state laws will require your organization to provide a timely data breach notification to impacted individuals. Security Pursuit and its law firm affiliates specializing in data breach matters will advise you when it is necessary to make such notifications.
cyber law enforcement
Security Pursuit maintains working relationships with local and federal law enforcement agencies. The details of your event will never be shared without explicit written consent. However, in the event that your organization decides to report an incident to law enforcement, Security Pursuit will serve as the liaison to appropriate authorities.

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