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The unique world of software development

DevOps teams are under a lot of pressure to push out code fast.  Agile processes mean code goes out unpredictably every week or even every day. You may be hosting protected data…sometimes without even knowing it. You never know what customers will do!  Talent is at a premium, so you hire developers wherever they live or how they want to work. Perhaps you use off-shore developers to control costs.  Customers want assurances that are hard to give absolutely. And, of course, cybersecurity can never slow down innovation.

We understand your challenges!

Security Pursuit has served SaaS developers for over a decade.  We work with large and small organizations and understand the unique challenges you face.  Reach out to us now to discuss your needs.  If you aren't ready to talk, explore the resources below.  We hope they are helpful to you!

Why choose Security Pursuit?
  • We've been working with SaaS companies for 10 years.  We know the platforms and technologies used today.

  • We help our clients balance security with reasonable testing and budgets. 

  • Our consultants are career developers and security professionals.

Outcomes to Expect 
  • Balanced security that supports your SDLC and needs for broader security.

  • Confidence that your company is secure and your software is secure.

  • Unique services designed SaaS companies

  • A real partner in cybersecurity. Call us anytime for any reason.  

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 Services for Software Companies


Network, architecture and application penetration testing is required for developers. Our certified employees know the tech used today, allowing us to be efficient and thorough. We are the best choice for SaaS and internal development teams.


Broader assessments help identify gaps and prioritize remediation for both your security and DevOps teams.  We are provide a maturity process that your team can build on over time and under a balanced budget.


More than most companies, software developers need to prepare for the worst.  Then, if it should happen, you need a friend that can respond and support you quickly.  That's Security Pursuit. 


Unload routine security workloads like MDR and SOC operations. Our managed programs take key security operations and handle them for you completely.  You are always in control and you are never locked in to a contract.

Recent Posts for SaaS

The Best of the Internet

We continually scour the internet to connect cybersecurity with software companies.  Below are some of the best links.

We would be remiss if we didn't include this. We also like the mapping diagram from the last version and current version.

Are you dealing with personal data?  Know where the regulations stand by state. 

The current NIST framework for secure software development.  This is the launching page to many of their resources.

Many small SaaS developers are missing policies. We think SANS is a great place to start. They aren't specific, but they are very helpful

OK...this one is our white paper.  But, many clients say it was very helpful and gave them plenty of ideas.

Do you want to talk about your cybersecurity needs?

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