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  • In the face of cybersecurity incidents, timely and decisive action is essential for effective containment and recovery. As specialists in Incident Response Planning, Security Pursuit provides the expertise required to counter the unpredictable and pressing nature of these events.

  • Our team is equipped with ransomware specialists, bolstering our capabilities to respond to one of the most threatening forms of cyber attacks. We possess the necessary tools to not only mitigate, but also thoroughly investigate the extent of breach damages.

  • In the unfortunate event of a data breach, when IT controls fall short, Security Pursuit is your reliable partner. We step in to help minimize losses, ensuring prompt recovery and restoration of your operations. Trust in our proven expertise to navigate the complex landscape of incident response, and strengthen your organization's resilience against cybersecurity threats.


When a security breach occurs, every second counts. Legal and compliance regulations often require immediate notification to customers or the initiation of other specialized response activities. With Security Pursuit's seasoned analysts at the helm, we prioritize response activities to minimize the impact on your organization and facilitate a rapid recovery from the incident.


Our expertise extends to handling a diverse range of cyber threats, ensuring swift and efficient Incident Response Planning in line with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Trust Security Pursuit to reinforce your cybersecurity resilience and bolster your ability to swiftly respond and recover from security breaches.


Often, internal IT teams may find themselves ill-prepared to manage severe breach situations effectively. The presence of internal dynamics and politics can lead to a loss in efficiency during these critical periods. In such situations, Security Pursuit steps in as your third-party mediator and dedicated breach task force.

Our team takes control of the situation, efficiently managing response activities to ensure a swift resolution. As experienced professionals in Incident Management, we act decisively to mitigate damage and facilitate recovery, all while alleviating the pressure on your internal staff.

Entrust your incident response to Security Pursuit, and benefit from our expertise in handling cybersecurity threats efficiently and effectively, thereby reinforcing your organization's resilience and preparedness


Any cybersecurity incident, regardless of its scale, can leave your IT team with a daunting list of rebuild and remediation tasks. The process of restoring systems to a trusted state and resuming 'normal' operations may demand specialized resources beyond your internal capabilities.

Security Pursuit collaborates with several leading IT management firms that offer temporary support during the crucial incident recovery phase. Leveraging these partnerships, we ensure your operations bounce back quickly and efficiently after a breach.

Trust Security Pursuit to facilitate recovery and system restoration in the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident, further strengthening your organization's resilience and capacity to handle such scenarios effectively.


In the event of a confirmed loss of private data due to a breach incident, state laws and many regulations mandate timely data breach notifications to the affected individuals. Security Pursuit, in collaboration with our law firm affiliates specializing in data breach issues, provides expert advice on when and how to issue these crucial notifications.

Our proficiency extends to helping your organization navigate these breach notification requirements efficiently and in compliance with legal mandates. Trust in Security Pursuit to guide your organization through this critical process, thereby ensuring legal compliance and fostering transparency during cybersecurity incidents


Security Pursuit holds strong working relationships with both local and federal law enforcement agencies. While your event's details remain confidential and are never shared without explicit written consent, we stand ready to act as a liaison to appropriate authorities if your organization chooses to report an incident.

Our expertise in cybersecurity extends to supporting clients during law enforcement interactions, ensuring that the process is conducted smoothly and efficiently. Trust Security Pursuit to handle your cybersecurity concerns comprehensively, reinforcing your resilience against threats and fostering robust relationships with law enforcement agencies in the process

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