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  • Prompt action is necessary to effectively contain and recover from the incident.

  • Experienced in countering the unpredictable and urgent nature of these events.

  • Ransomware specialists.

  • Includes all the tools needed to mitigate and investigate breach damages.

  • When IT controls fail and a data breach has occurred, you can rely on Security Pursuit to assist with minimizing losses.


Time is of the essence when a security breach has been detected. Legal and compliance regulations may mandate notification to customers or other specialized response activities. Security Pursuit's analysts are experienced in prioritizing response activities to minimize impact on your organization and recover promptly from the incident.


Typically, internal company IT staff are not prepared to manage serious breach situations in an effective manner. There may be considerable internal finger pointing and politics that cause a loss in efficiency during this critical time. Call in Security Pursuit to act as your third party mediator and breach task force to take control of the situation and manage response activities in an effective, expedited manner.


A cybersecurity incident of any magnitude will leave your IT team a massive list of rebuild and remediation tasks. Restoring systems to a trusted state and the business to a “normal” operations posture may require additional and/or specialized resources. Security Pursuit partners with several top tier IT management firms that provide temporary support during the incident recovery phase.


If it becomes proven that private data has been lost in relation to a breach incident, state laws will require your organization to provide a timely data breach notification to impacted individuals. Security Pursuit and its law firm affiliates specializing in data breach matters will advise you when it is necessary to make such notifications.


Security Pursuit maintains working relationships with local and federal law enforcement agencies. The details of your event will never be shared without explicit written consent. However, in the event that your organization decides to report an incident to law enforcement, Security Pursuit will serve as the liaison to appropriate authorities.

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