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  • At Security Pursuit, our team of certified penetration testers brings to the table a minimum of 15 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on our direct employment of these seasoned professionals, ensuring the highest quality service in the business.

  • Utilizing real-world hacking techniques, our veteran testers identify exploitable vulnerabilities in your security systems, ensuring that they can stand up against even the most advanced threats.

  • Our detailed reports provide comprehensive evidence of our findings, including a step-by-step remediation plan. This gives you a clear path to strengthen your system's security, guided by our seasoned experts.


Specializing in network penetration testing, our certified experts at Security Pursuit detect exploitable vulnerabilities that could potentially grant unauthorized access to your organization's network.

  1. External Testing - We identify potential external threats by simulating real-world hacking scenarios. This process allows us to assess the potential damage a hacker could inflict from outside your network and strengthens your defenses accordingly.

  2. Internal Testing - This approach simulates potential threats from inside your network, such as those posed by a hacker who has already infiltrated your network or from an internal actor like an employee or vendor. By understanding what an internal individual could potentially achieve, we can better secure your network against such threats.


Using best practice standards like OWASP, our application penetration testing services at Security Pursuit employ techniques to spotlight potential vulnerabilities in your application's code and database layers. These vulnerabilities, if left undetected, could be exploited during an attack.

Our team of seasoned app pentesters, boasting a minimum of 15 years in the industry, delve deep into the architecture of your applications. By focusing on the most critical security risks to your applications, we ensure your applications are robust and resilient against potential cyber threats."


At Security Pursuit, we employ meticulously crafted social engineering attacks, including email phishing schemes, fraudulent phone calls, and attempts at unauthorized facility access, to rigorously test your employees. Our aim is to go beyond tool-based approaches to expose your employees to the most sophisticated attack scenarios.


By exposing your team to realistic threats, we help them understand the subtle signs of social engineering attacks and train them to respond effectively. This process also allows us to evaluate your security system's ability to detect and prevent such attacks, thus strengthening your overall security framework. Trust Security Pursuit to help you build a resilient workforce, one that's well-equipped to guard against the increasingly clever tactics of modern cyber criminals.


For our more seasoned clients, Security Pursuit offers Red Team exercises that amalgamate all our premium services into an extensive simulated attack against your organization. This rigorous evaluation serves as a testament to the maturity of your information security program, testing its ability to detect and respond effectively to varied cyber threats.

From network and application penetration testing to refined social engineering attacks, we replicate a broad spectrum of real-world threats, thereby providing a thorough assessment of your cybersecurity defenses. Trust in Security Pursuit's comprehensive Red Team exercises to measure and enhance your organization's readiness in the face of evolving cyber threats.

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