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  • Provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.

  • Designed to identify deficiencies against compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, etc., or against best practice frameworks such as NIST, ISO27001, etc.

  • In addition, we have specialty assessments to validate your controls against the most pressing concerns in cyber security, such as ransomware and remote workforce.

  • Our IT audit services deliver a digestible and detailed view of the organization's cybersecurity strengths and deficiencies, insight into risk associated with your digital assets, and an action-oriented remediation plan to address critical issues observed.


Security Pursuit will assess your organization’s information security posture in all key areas. Policies and procedures, training, personnel security, access control, configuration and patch management, vulnerability management, network security, data protection, malware defenses, vendor management and more will be thoroughly examined. These findings are then compared with a cybersecurity control framework that best aligns to your organization’s needs and requirements. The gap analysis will identify and highlight areas in need of improvement.


Security Pursuit’s Ransomware Protection Assessment is an affordable and quick review of the 8-Pillars of an effective ransomware program. We provide you a thorough analysis of your risk for ransomware, along with a gap analysis and plan that you can take to your stakeholders. This answers the question, “what are you doing to protect us against ransomware?”


Security Pursuit will review the organization’s policies, procedures, designs and network architecture specific to support a hybrid workforce. The team will examine existing access controls, authentication mechanisms, account provisioning and management, audit logging and monitoring, and endpoint security controls.  


Cloud providers are huge environments with a new language and thousands of configuration options.  Minor configuration mistakes add up and can result in a very vulnerable environment.Security Pursuit can assess single and multi-cloud environments across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Are you doing enough?   


Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) usually happens quickly because it's so operational.  Due to the speed of these deployments, organizations may not be fully considering the security configurations of these platforms. Security Pursuit will conduct our O365 Security Controls Assessment to identify common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities

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