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Cybersecurity for Pension Plan Administrators

Pension administrators are unique. You have protected information on members. You have access to large amounts of money. You have critical business processes that must take place, like paying retirees. Good cyber security needs to be specifically tied to your business model.

We understand your business!

Security Pursuit has served pension plan administrators for over a decade.  We work with large and small organizations, and understand the data flow and unique risks in your organization.  Reach out to us now to discuss your unique needs.  If you aren't ready to talk, explore the resources below.  We hope they are helpful to you!

Why choose Security Pursuit?
  • We've been working with pension administrators for 10 years. We understand how your business works and the unique risks you face

  • We take industry best practices and apply them to pension administrators 

  • We really like this industry and have a strong passion for your success

Outcomes to Expect 
  • Better security with balanced effort and budget

  • Peace of mind that your cybersecurity program is optimized for your firm

  • Unique services designed for pension administrators

  • A real partner in cybersecurity. Call us anytime for any reason.  

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 Services for Pension Adminstrators 


Our assessment for pension plans looks at policies, tools, plans and more to ensure you are doing all you should be to protect member data, assets and critical business workloads.


Pension plans are good targets for criminals, requiring you to be ready. We help you prepare, test your readiness, respond, and recover from incidents. 


Let us manage critical cybersecurity workloads for your pension.  You are always informed and in control. We provide you the expertise required for the daily management of your firm's cybersecurity.

A Pentest is the best way to know where your cybersecurity stands right now. Our certified employees know what matters most to pension plans, allowing us to be efficient and thorough. We are the best choice for pension administrators.

Recent Posts for Pension Administrators

The Best of the Internet

We continually scour the internet to connect cybersecurity and pension plans.  Below are some of the best links.

Here's the DOC guidance for cybersecurity for EBSA covered plans.  It's not enough, but a fair start.

OK...this one is our white paper.  But, many clients say it was very helpful and gave them plenty of ideas.

Many small pensions are missing policies. We think SANS is a great place to start. They aren't specific, but they are very helpful

We like IAPP for keeping up with privacy regs.  This is a cool map that reflects who has legislation, along with links for what you need to do should you need to notify!

Our Partners in the Industry

Provaliant Business Solutions Logo 2022-02-18 12-21-24.png

Provaliant Business Solutions consultants are proven leaders in providing Technology Evaluation and Business Architecture Implementation services for public pension plans.  We work closely together to provide our clients the very best in our specialized services.  ​

Download our brochure to learn more about how our partnership can benefit your pension plan.

PRISM - Assoc 2022-03-07 14-18-49.png

We are excited to be new members of PRISM and look forward to the May Conference.

NASRA 2022-03-07 14-41-04.png

National Association of State Retirement Administrators

Do you want to talk about your cybersecurity needs?

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