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What is SOC-as-a-Service

  • SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) is a subscription-based cybersecurity solution that outsources monitoring, detection, and incident response.

  • It offers scalability and cost-efficiency, making it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Security Pursuit, staffed by former DHS experts, exemplifies SOCaaS, using advanced tools and providing expertise at a lower cost.


SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operations Center "as a Service") is a cutting-edge solution that has emerged in response to the escalating complexity and frequency of digital threats in today's business landscape. In this era, where the stakes of cybersecurity have never been higher, companies, regardless of their size, are grappling with the daunting challenge of securing their digital assets. SOCaaS offers an innovative approach that allows businesses to access enterprise-level security capabilities without the need for an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC).

At its essence, SOC-as-a-Service operates on a subscription-based model, enabling organizations to outsource the vital tasks of monitoring, logging, and managing security events. Rather than making the substantial investment required for establishing and maintaining an in-house SOC, businesses can now entrust their cybersecurity operations to external experts. This comprehensive service encompasses real-time monitoring, the detection of anomalies, incident response, and the ongoing management of security tools.

Built for Small and Medium Sized Business

What truly distinguishes SOC-as-a-Service (often abbreviated as SOCaaS) is its remarkable scalability and accessibility. Small and medium-sized businesses, which typically lack the resources to build and sustain a 24/7 in-house security team, can now benefit from continuous monitoring without incurring prohibitive costs. SOCaaS providers leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns, and respond to threats with unparalleled efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Moreover, SOCaaS isn't just about technology; it's about expertise. These service providers staff their SOCs with seasoned security professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. These cybersecurity specialists work diligently, often behind the scenes, to ensure that their clients' networks remain secure against the ever-evolving landscape of threats.

Help in Stormy Waters

In essence, partnering with a SOCaaS provider is akin to having an expert in a lighthouse guiding a ship through treacherous waters. This expert doesn't rely solely on reading

the stars; they utilize sophisticated tools and extensive knowledge to detect storms on the horizon and chart the safest course through the perilous cyber seas. When a storm does

hit, they are there to guide the vessel to safety.


Security Pursuit offers a SOCaaS that we call WatchTower. WatchTower is not only built and run by cybersecurity experts with a formidable track record but also boasts experience in

operating the SOC for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). WatchTower utilizes state-of-the-art tools, including Splunk Enterprise as their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, supported by an array of complementary tools to detect and investigate anomalies effectively. By partnering with Security Pursuit, organizations gain access to a dedicated cybersecurity crew that operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring the safety of their digital infrastructure, all at a significantly lower cost compared to other solutions.

If you're interested in diving deeper into the world of SOCaaS and want to learn more about Security Pursuit's WatchTower, visit our homepage. We have an un-gated white paper that provides valuable insights. Or, simply call or email us.

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